A few weeks ago, I wrote about the two kinds of community I became familiar with in 2012. This past weekend I had an experience with actually putting words into action, and it was neat seeing these words come to life. Let me set the stage for you. We have some local friends that needed to move because the house they had been renting had been sold. They had just a few weeks to find a place and were able to find one last week. When I contacted my friend to ask how things were going, she gave me all the particulars and told me she wasn’t sure how they were going to manage as her husband had hurt his back. I told her that we (my family) would be available to do anything we could. When I told my husband, he came up with the idea of calling our pastor as this family goes to the same church we do. The pastor was glad we called and said he would see what he could do about recruiting more help. This past Saturday was the date that was set to get the bulk of this family’s stuff over to their new place. When we arrived, I was surprised to see several other men and women I didn’t know. A few were friends of the couple, and the others were members of our church. Introductions were made, and we got started. What the family had thought would be a multi-day job was done in one day! They were so grateful, and we all had a sense of camaraderie from a job well done.

All of the adults that were there could have done something else on that Saturday, but chose to help a family in need. I was glad to see new-found understanding in my children’s eyes for the concepts we had been trying to teach them. When they could see other adults demonstrating the same concepts, the importance of these concepts was cemented. I hope to have many other times in 2013 when I can affect my community in a positive way.

Until next time, be real!