Since Christmas I’ve been watching episodes of my favorite tv show from my childhood–The Bionic Woman, the one that was made in the 1970’s, in case anyone was curious. I know that most all of you probably had your own favorite tv show and can quote ways a particular character or particular show encouraged you. For me, it was that Jaime Sommers did things that the typical woman or girl of the time were not encouraged to do. She was a secret agent who took on any role you could possibly imagine–from being a country singer to being a wrestler to being a medic and anything in between. I liked how she was not girly at all, and instead believed in herself and believed she could do anything. For a preteen girl who was insecure about her appearance, this was huge. I remember thinking that if I could just be like Jaime Sommers, everything would go the way I wanted it to. Of course, as an adult now, I know that can’t happen. There are always up and downs with life, but the part about believing in yourself…. well, that  is something which I have recently come back to and something which I intend to keep as I move forward.

Until next time, be real!