I’ve always liked January 1. It’s a clean slate. Nothing has happened to make the year a bad one yet, and there are all kinds of possibilities. I hope that when I look back at 2013, it can be with the same kind of hope that I look at the upcoming year today.

So, for today though, I’m going to review a book I recently finished reading. It is Extraction Point by Travis S. Taylor and Stephanie Osborn. I was very excited to finally get to read this since it is in the genre I very much enjoy. Without further adieu, here is the review.

I found this book as I have been working my way through Ms. Osborn’s other books, and I have to say I really enjoyed this one too. The character interaction was excellent, and I could tell that Ray and Samantha really cared for one another and their daughter. This extended to the other members of their ‘family’ or team. Trying to figure out who the anomaly was and where he was coming from was a unique challenge that they all handled well. I liked that the science was made easily understandable to a layman, and I also enjoyed reading about Dr. Drago’s (the anomaly’s) experiences in the alternate future and in the past which made what was going on in the present understandable. I’m looking very much forward to reading more books in this series and to finding more books by Dr. Taylor to read. Nice job!