It’s relatively easy to find something if it’s a physical object–that is, if you can remember where you saw it last. I know people who put down their keys or  their wallets, and it’s a great challenge to find them again because they can’t remember where they put them.

On the other hand, the passions of your youth can be almost impossible to find again unless you make an effort to go back and find them. I’ve been thinking about this recently because I found some things that had been put into storage. When I took a look, I realized it was writing notebooks from when I was in junior high and high school. There were also notebooks of writing from different family members that I had been gifted with when they had passed away. It was interesting to note that relatives on both sides of my family felt it important to write down their stories–to preserve the memories of what had happened to them for future generations. I also noted the things I had found important to write down when I was in school–the stories and the things about my life. Why did I let go of those for so long? Was it because life got in the way? I think so. Once we are adults, it somehow becomes less important to follow our passions and more important to make a living. I’m glad I have found my passion again. It took looking deep inside myself and deciding what legacy I wanted to leave and what was it that truly made me happy. The answer to all those questions is writing. May you find the passions of your youth in the upcoming year and make them your passions again.

Until next time, be real!