It took me awhile to read this because my 16 yo son decided he wanted to read it first which means the intended market for the book, young adult, is right on the mark. Once he was done reading it, he asked me when the second book was coming out. When he asks that, it’s a sure bet he enjoyed it.

But, on to the review. Two years previously, a disaster, which has since become known as Doomsday, was believed to have made London uninhabitable and a toxic wasteland. Jack, his sister, and their friends know differently and have been gathering evidence to prove it.  When they discover that Jack’s mother is alive, the five of them travel into London at great risk. They find things they had not expected to find–things that were exciting, but were dangerous too.

I thought the book did a good job of maintaining the focus on the teens and what they did to solve the problems they encountered. Even when they needed the help of an adult, it was brought to our attention that said adult was not entirely trustworthy. The changes that the inhabitants of London had gone through were brought into the story naturally and not in a contrived fashion. I also liked the relationship between Jack and his sister. I’m looking forward to upcoming books in this series and believe it would be interesting to adults as well as young adults.