With the ending of our homeschool before the Christmas holidays yesterday, I am in the midst of planning what I need and what I would like to get accomplished while we are not doing school. There are the usual things–housework and homeschool record keeping. There is also the necessity of making sure everything is ready for us to celebrate the holidays. But, the most important things are the things I’m going to read and write while we are on break. Holidays and vacations are always a time for renewal for me, and this holiday will be no exception. It will also be a time when I can plan on what I want to work on during the new year. Two weeks from today will be New Year’s Day 2013–a whole new beginning, a whole new slate of days full of potential. My goal is to realize the potential in each new day.

But, first, it’s time for a celebration. Today is my older son’s 16th birthday. It’s always been a special point in the year because it’s so close to Christmas, but I have always taken pains to make sure Christmas doesn’t overshadow it. He’s grown into an amazing young man who I am very proud of and who I love dearly. He does well in school, is kind to others, takes care of himself, bowls, and plays baseball. Baseball is his favorite sport and is the only sport he likes to watch on television. I’ve never seen anyone learn so fast and display such commitment to learning everything they could about a sport. It makes me look forward to the springtime when both he and his brother will be playing.

Before I go to celebrate with my family, I leave you with these words. Treasure the people around you, and make sure they know how much you treasure them.

Until next time, be real!