What I appreciated most about Brenda Cooper’s book The Creative Fire was the many layers of her writing. As I read each chapter, it seemed like a new secret came out, something that revealed the world of Ruby Martin and her shipmates just a little more, but not enough to reveal what the story ending was going to be. I also liked that Ruby was a multi-faceted heroine. To me, it seems that feminine characters nowadays only show one part of their psyche. Either they’re only defined by being with a man or they only want to see how they can impact the world, and there is no attention paid to any other relationships they have. I didn’t see that with this character which is why I appreciated her so much.

I also liked the complexity of the plot. At first, it was frustrating not knowing everything that was going on, but then I realized that accurately portraying everything on the ship would make the book very large and would take a lot of the suspense out of the storyline. And there would also not be very much of a story for the upcoming books in the saga which I am looking forward to.

If you are interested in science fiction, relationships, and reading a book that keeps you guessing until the very end, I can wholeheartedly recommend The Creative Fire.


Until next time, be real!