I can’t believe it’s the middle of December, and it feels like baseball season is about to start. I have the windows open to let the fresh breeze in, and I’m not using any heat or air in my apartment. When it’s this warm though, I have problems doing my usual reflecting for this time of the year. Most of the important events in my family happen in the next few weeks – my birthday, my older son’s birthday, Christmas, the end of the year and the beginning of the next one, and my husband’s birthday. It’s the perfect time for reflection. This year has been a whirlwind. John turned 13, and Andrew is almost 16. It’s hard to believe.  I’ve had many people tell me to cherish the time I have had with them because I would blink, and it would be over. And it’s true. I look at how big they are and how much they’ve grown and think of what a privilege it’s been to be their mother and to have had the time with them I’ve had.

I’m starting to think of the next phase of my life though, and that has also been a lot of what this year has been about. Learning about the craft of writing. I’m under no illusions that I’m the next great writer under the sun. But, I also know that this is something I want and something I have to work for because nothing ever comes without hard work.

Hopefully, the weather will cool down in the next few weeks, and I can get into the season of the year and what it means.  But for now, I will leave you with a quote from writer Thomas McGuane.  “You have to take that chance. This is the opportunity and the holy terror of making yourself ridiculous that every writer has to know to approach his own personal truth.”

Until next time, be real!