Yesterday, my thirteen year-old son did something that he had been wanting to do for a while. For those of you who follow either my Facebook or Twitter feeds, you might have seen the post I made during his baseball game. Yes, he got his first official hit, and he was very excited! This was a long time coming. He tried t-ball out when he was six, and it was not a good fit. At that point, my husband and I decided that we were going to follow our children’s interests and not force them into playing a team sport if they didn’t want to. The only requirement was that they needed to be active with something.

So, fast forward a little over four years. Both of the boys found baseball and became avid fans very quickly and wanted to learn everything they could about the game. This delighted my husband to no end because he loves baseball too. The boys started practicing all the skills involved with the game including hitting, throwing, catching–that kind of thing.  We were going through a rough time as a family as my husband had just had surgery and then lost his job so something positive to focus on was good for both boys.

They continued practicing and getting better at the game through our moves in 2011 and our arrival in Birmingham. Our older son played in a spring league this past spring, but the younger one didn’t want to play because he didn’t think he was ready. He continued to work out with his brother and his brother’s team. They also worked through the summer on their skills.

When it was almost time for school to start, I found a link to sign up for fall baseball, and my younger son decided he wanted to play. I was told that it was mainly an instructional league, and it was a great opportunity for kids who had never played baseball before.  So, he’s been playing since the beginning of September. He has worked hard on his skills the entire time, and in fact, has very much surprised his coach who couldn’t believe this was the first time he had ever formally played the game.

And yesterday, he got his first official hit! The excitement in the stands was palpable as most everyone there knew about his journey. We were all on our feet clapping and cheering. You might wonder why I wrote about this today. Well, I wrote about it because it has taught me something as a writer and given me something that I will be able to take forward with me as I continue my own writing journey. That is the lesson of persistence. It has been almost two years since he became interested in baseball enough to want to play it, and he’s worked on his skills to be better at the sport the entire time.  My goal is to be that persistent because I know I can always be better at writing just like my younger son knows that he can always be better at baseball.

Until next time, be real!