Something more lighthearted today. I don’t know about you, but when I’m writing, I get interrupted a lot. It’s not something I like, and I do feel like I produce more words when I’m not interrupted. However, the times I can write and not be interrupted are few and far between. So, for me to produce more words and actually make progress on whatever I’m writing, I need to learn how to embrace the interruptions. Here are some ways I can do that. (Feel free to adapt this for your own particular situation.)

1) When my sons come running in my bedroom, one chasing after the other and detailing whatever has happened to start the ruckus, I can say, “Leave me out of it, and if you don’t, I’ll put you in my novel.” Then I’ll start typing and reading the words as I type, making sure to include their names. As teenagers have an anathema to being a part of whatever their parents are doing, this will be a sure thing to get them running away from me in fear. šŸ™‚

2) Keep a notebook of ideas next to my computer so if I have to help them with something homeschool related, I can complete the idea I was writing and come back to it later with no danger of it being deleted.

3) Decide what hours my mind is in the writing mindset and keep to those hours no matter how many times I’m interrupted. (This one is the hardest for me.)

4) Walk around in a circle and keep mumbling my next idea to myself until I can get back to my computer or notebook so I can write it down. (Yes, people will think I’m crazy, but my kids already think I’m crazy so that’s not a big deal.)

5) And finally, I’m going to quote someone on the National Novel Writing Month site who had this in their signature. “Just keep writing. Keep writing. Keep writing.”

Until next time, be real!