I think that this is what has taken me so long to have the courage to write. Because when I write, I am exposing the person I am; what my thoughts and feelings are. This is not just when I’m writing about myself or about my feelings. It’s when I write about anything. As I’ve gotten older though, I’ve begun not caring what others think and become more sure of myself.  I don’t know if that’s a result of maturity or self-confidence. I like to think it’s some of both. It’s also important to remember not everyone will like what you write, and that’s okay too. 

For me, this quote by William Zinsser reflects how I feel about my writing. “If you write for yourself, you’ll reach all the people you want to write for.”  I would just add one thing to that. If other people like what you write, then you’ve received a big bonus.


Until next time, be real!