So far in this blog, I’ve written about myself, my family, and my passion for writing. Now it’s time to get serious with what I want it to become. Of course, the title is write what you know, and I certainly do intend to keep doing that. But, if I only kept writing about what I know now and never tried to expand my knowledge, what I write here would become boring very quickly.

With that being said, I’m going to write about writing and write about what I’m reading.(which will include book reviews)  I’ve been told and completely agree with this that exposure to rich language helps a person develop rich language of their own, and that is certainly a worthwhile goal for all of us. In this era of shortened and instant communication through the Internet, reading helps us learn to think and to communicate and expose ourselves to ideas we might never have thought of before. My hope would be that all ideas would continue to be available for all of us and just because someone expresses an idea that is contrary to what you believe doesn’t give you the excuse to be cruel to them. 


Until next time, be real!!!!