Inspiration—a writer is always looking for inspiration, and I am no exception. I hadn’t thought a whole lot about what inspires me though until yesterday when another blogger nominated me for an award. (Thank you, Marina!) It has been nice to find such a supportive group of writers on the Internet. Anyway, here are the list of things that inspire me in no particular order.

1) science fiction and all the new ideas it represents–I’ve been a science fiction buff for so long you would think I have this down, but I’ve recently subscribed to several authors and editors’ FB feeds, and I have learned so many new things by reading and watching the things they enjoy.

2) new places and new foods I’ve never tried–I can’t do all the traveling I would like to do, but I can look at pictures and imagine myself being there. But, I can try new foods. I had a lamb burger the other day, and it was yummy.

3) writing down the perfect sentence or the perfect passage for my story–When I can put my thoughts down on paper, and it reflects exactly what I want to say, I get excited. What can I say?

4) sunrises and sunsets—The colors in the sky are a tapestry and represent beginnings and endings to me.

5) ocean—When I go to the beach and view the ocean in its majesty, I am reminded of the potential it represents.

6) And finally, I am inspired by everyone who writes. Each of us has different things to say–not any more valuable than the other. It is a privilege to be associated with all of you and to call myself a writer. Thank you!

Until next time, be real!!!!!