I’m doing these two days together because, well, I couldn’t figure out anything to say about provocation yesterday. But, I was contacted by a writer from Jeff Goins’ blog because I had offered to proofread something for her. (Hi Tracy!) Once I had done so, I sent her back a response detailing my thoughts and stating some of my own thoughts about some things going on in my personal life. She sent me back a response this morning with the perfect quote about how she sees provocation, and I realized it dovetailed with my feelings. “I am bascially a big coward when it comes to causing confrontation or conflict. I am more of a “why can’t we all get along” type, and I lose sleep over the idea of people getting upset with me.” Why, why am I like that?? I don’t want to be, and I can’t be anymore. The person that I want to be can’t be that way anymore. So, today, I commit to sharing my blog link with those who might not like what I have to say, to having the conversations that people might not like, and to becoming the person and writer that I am meant to be. Here’s to courage that I didn’t know I had.

Publishing–wow, Jeff, you just keep heaping on the challenges. Funny how my thoughts had been leaning in that direction. I don’t have any pieces that are ready to send off today. However, I am working on a short story for my next writing course assignment. When I was planning it out a few days ago, I received an email about a short story writing contest from Writer’s Digest. I planned out the theme of my story to match the requirements of the contest. And I am going to submit it when I’m finished. July 15 is the deadline. I challenge all of you who are reading this blog to keep me on my toes and celebrate with me when I cross the finish line.

Until next time, be real!!!!!!!!!