This brings back memories from last summer. My husband had been unemployed since the previous fall, and the finances had just gotten too difficult. We decided to accept my family’s invitation to come stay at their home across the country until my husband was able to find work. What that required though was a massive decluttering since we would not need any household goods until he was working. So, we started going through an entire 1900 sq ft house and seeing what things meant the most to us. Those things which meant the most were packed up and placed in a storage area while the others were sold and given away. It was a painful process, but one that was necessary.

In the months since that time, I have realized that there are other areas of my life that need the same decluttering–one of which is my writing life. Today’s challenge is to clean my writing area and to lose all the extra verbiage in my writing. I’m still learning about how that works, but if it makes my writing more accessible, it is something I need to do, and something that is necessary.


Until next time, be real!!!!!