Well, we’re to the ninth day of this challenge, and I’ve already received so much helpful advice and have met people that I would have never known otherwise. I guess that’s all part of this community that Jeff Goins has been talking about. Today he talks about connectiing with others as a writer and that there are three different categories–1) friends 2) fans 3) patrons. And the challenge is to connect with one of each.  I think the friend part I’ve already gotten down. A friend is someone who writes, who is doing the same thing I am. Connecting with the local writer’s group in my community has really helped with that. I’ve already sent someone from that group a message asking if she wanted to do lunch when she comes back from the writer’s convention she is at, and she said yes. I can’t wait. She is already published (short story), and she is working on shopping her novel around. Since she is further along in the process than I am, I know she will have many useful things to say to me.

The second kind of person he wants us to reach out to are fans. I wonder if the visitors that come to his blog can be counted as that. I know, for right now, most of you that are reading this are also writers, but I guess you keep coming back because you’re interested in what I have to say. At least, I hope so. 🙂  He says that to find a fan I should figure out why I want people to listen to me and say what I want to say.  If I say it boldly enough, it will start to resonate, and fans will come. That reminds me of yesterday’s entry where I talked about wanting to be able to give better feedback to others. If I take time to listen to others’ writing and what they’re saying, I know that can only help me become a better writer so that is my goal for gaining more fans.

Finally, the third type of person he wants us to reach out to are called patrons who are leaders and influencers in the industry. Wow, that is the scary part because these are the people who are approached constantly to the point where I think they might become jaded sometimes. It is hard to get past the mind set of not feeling worthy of talking to these people. Jeff does give some ideas of earning this privilege.

“You have to earn it:

  • By demonstrating your competencies.
  • By serving someone else first.
  • By making a big ask.”

I guess I don’t think I’ve demonstrated my competencies yet.  And I don’t know why. I met some terrific people at the sci-fi/fantasy convention I went to a few weeks ago, and I think any of them would be suitable. Guess it’s just me and my own hang-ups. Any of you that come over from Jeff Goins’ blog, please feel free to give me a kick in the teeth on that thinking, okay??


Until next time, be real!!!!!