Of course I know that you’re supposed to revise after you finish a first draft, but the challenge from Jeff Goins today is to purposefully realize that the first time you put something out it’s going to be ugly. That’s a hard thing to think about something that so much effort has been put into. Maybe the trick is to think that when you’ve finished a first draft that there are improvements that can be made. I used that line of thought when I was reading a portion of the book I’m working on to my local writer’s group. Low and behold, because of my lack of knowledge of the military, what I was portraying wasn’t correct, and I was able to fix it without changing what I thought the story should look like. My hope is that I have the chance to help someone like I was helped. I like this community that Jeff is helping us build, the chance to be honest and real, because it fits into the direction I want my life to go in.

Until next time, be real!!