How Great Writers Prepare for Big Projects—that is the title of Jeff Goins’ Day 5 challenge entry today. He talks about four things we should be doing to get our project out to where people can look at it. These things are: 1) Ship something. (what that means is to put something out there no matter how bad it is) 2) Get Feedback. 3) Make it better. 4) Repeat untiI project is ready to launch. I

I’ve done some of these things. My local writing group has critiqued a few pages, and they helped me to fix some military related things which I wasn’t aware of. I also have had a writing buddy read the complete first chapter, and he has given me some helpful feedback. What I’m curious about is whether putting it out there while I’m still working on it is helpful, or would it be better to do that when the first draft is done? I just went back and read the entry, and he says to put out a portion of it. Guess I have a decision to make. Thinking…..thinking….thinking—-okay here’s the link to chapter 1.

Let me know if you can see the link and what you think if you’re so inclined. Thanks.

Until next time, be real!!!!!