Yes, that was the title of Jeff Goins’ post this morning–the morning of the third day of the challenge. Yesterday, he challenged us to get up two hours earlier this morning and just write with no other distractions. I didn’t make two hours, but I did manage to get up over an hour earlier and get a solid hour of writing in, finishing a chapter of the book I’m working on. It was wonderful!! The quietness of the morning really helped me to focus on what I was trying to do. After I finished writing, I exercised and ate breakfast and was done with all of that before my children got up. I don’t know if I’ll get up that early every morning to write, but I know that if I want to accomplish my goals for this summer and get a good schedule in place before the new school year begins, I will need to get up earlier. The discpline of getting up earlier will not only help me with my writing, but should spill over to the other areas of my life. I’m very excited about this new focus and can’t wait to see where it takes me. Day 4, here I come.

Until next time, be real!!!!!